Saturday, 22 July 2017

The team are airborne!

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you know the team are in the air. They are scheduled to arrive at terminal two Heathrow tomorrow morning at 7:50. Josh will be there to meet the team wearing his turquoise Inspire T-shirt, so feel free to come and say hi!

Friday, 21 July 2017

The grand finale

Today was our last day at genhandu. We arrived at the school just before eight with the final lessons and reading sessions yet to take place. With ensuring completed the time was used to prepare for our cultural assembly filed with Radley favourites hymns and various other British activities including some Scottish dancing led by Dan and Laney. The assembly had a packed schedule with songs and dances from Gehandu students saying farewell and how much everyone had enjoyed the week accompanied by Speeches from Caspar, head boy of gehandu, the headmistress of gehandu and the Chancellor of mbulu district. 

In the afternoon after a delicious meal with the penpals and teachers Radley and gehandu made their way out to the football pitch. With a packed crowd the game begun! Radley took the lead through a top corner wonder by Nico, followed shortly by Dan Bishop who made a carving run to flick the ball off his head into the goal!  2-0.

Gehandu in the second half struck back to make it 2-1 but after some heroic defending from the team. 

The game was played in great spirit and was tremendous fun.

After the game there were team photos and photos taken with pupil and students. It was the perfect way to round off an amazing experience where friendships and memories have been made. 
Regards and out!

Tanzania Team 2017

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Radio stars!

Today was our earliest start so far, in our stay at the seminary, with a 6am breakfast before heading off to Gehandu. This savage time schedule was necessary in order to arrive early at school,whereby we were able to help out with the students' morning chores. After a 40 minute round trip to collect firewood, we started another busy day of work, which included reading sessions, computer work and yet more English lessons.
After lunch we headed along the so called road to Mbulu. We explored the strip of road for an hour. The locals attempting to capitalise on the rare sighting of a tourist.
Afterwords we returned for a rest, before 5 boys had the luck to visit a local radio station, where after an African start, they had great fun talking about life and their a experiences.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


We were woken up at 6.30am today which is beginning to seem like a lie in to start our 3rd day of teaching. We had breakfast and left for gehandu along a bumpy dirt road. We arrived shortly before 8am and began teaching our lessons. I proceeded to teach a history lesson, re enacting trench warfare and teaching the students zulu warrior chants which they loved. We then had a traditional gehandu lunch known as 'kande' which consisted of a mixture of maize and beans. Whilst it was tasty, we struggled to finish the huge portions they served us! after a characteristically late start we took to the local football pitch to play against gehandus finest. Rufus 'the warhorse' was the star of the show, stepping up! A shaky start saw radley on the backfoot with our keeper being bombarded with shots. Somehow we took the lead when Jacob mis-timed a cross which sailed majestically through the wooden posts. The next 40min passed in a blur, highlight being jacobs brutal shoulder barging and an impressive dive on the edge of the box. The end score illudes me... By will and jack

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Finding our feet

Not very good signal today, so only a short blog!

At 6.45 we woke up for our second day teaching at gehandu. Having found our bearings yesterday, we now felt less alienated from the school. However, we could not set off until celebrating Alex's 17th birthday at breakfast. Laney being her usual bubbly self, at 6.45... We arrived at gehandu just before 8.00am.
At 10.40 having taught our morning lessons we demolished the pancakes left for us, satisfying our hungry tummies. Following this, one group set off to visit a local prep school and were engulfed by enthuasiastic children. After a late lunch at 2.20 we were teamed with our penpals on a rough field, for a tense football and friendly volleyball match. We are all shattered from a second busy day but we continue to be amazed by Gehandus warm and open attitude towards us and the fascinating culture here.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The great debate!

Monday 17th July 

Breakfast came very early this morning at 6.15am! Following our daily helping of pancakes we set off to see Gehandu school for the first time. We were greeted by a flock of wildly excited children that eventually formed into a very neat group for their morning assembly. We were treated to the national anthem and Gehandu anthem and a series of welcomes from the head boy to the temporary teachers. Following this awesome welcome we sat through a very informative and at some times challenging swahili lesson,  learning about numbers, greetings and introductions from actual Gehandu students. 

Then finally, it was up to us to provide the entertainment... After many months of preparation I think we could all day that we were ready. Well,  at least some of us were. Although I had quite a quiet morning where I taught four students the wonders of punctuation in a reading session, two groups taught their first lessons to classes of 50 students. 

Lunch came quite late (2.45pm),  where we all ate with our penpals and enjoyed the fine cuisine of cow and potatoes once more. A few groups taught the Gehandu students how to highlight and enlarge text on computers for the first time and experienced priceless reactions. Other groups visited the local primary school and went to the houses of Gehandu students; real eye openers apparently. To finish the afternoon we split up between forms and dispersed around the 8 acre Gehandu campus to debate whether ' single sex schools are better than mixed sex schools ', with Radley in favour of the motion. Although at times it seemed as if I was speaking to a wall that sometimes gave me a smile, it was very rewarding. Of course, we lost with 56 people against the motion and 5 for, oh well... After having a tour of the boarding houses and science labs that Radley donated, we settled back into our lovely Catholic seminary for more cow and potato. We are all quite tired and have often found ourselves craving things we wouldn't imagine back at home ; bugs love, for instance, or a healthy salad. We are all looking forward to the days to come though, that is for sure. 

Dan Bishop and Basti Wigg

Fun times at Gehandu!

First day at Gehandu

After a tiring week we started today with a lie in until 10.00am and a pancake breakfast. We then went for mass at the church opposite the seminary where we're staying, which according to our guides us the third biggest in Africa. Here we experienced a traditional African service with lots of singing and dancing where it seemed the whole town was in attendance. We all agreed that it was a wonderful yet humbling experience to see so many people showing such effort to dress their best.

After unfortunately having to skip out the service a bit early, we got on the bus to go and meet our penpals. Following a meet and greet we began climbing up what we were told was a small hill which turned out to be a small mountain. We all got to know our penpals well as we climbed before stopping for lunch at the top. While admiring the stunning views we took some pictures and were given a brief geography lesson by Daniel, one of the Gehandu teachers. Daniel then got us all together and taught us a song to sing as a group before we taught them ' swing low, swing chariot ' and some other English songs. 

Following a much faster decent down the mountain we were greeted with some cold drinks and a group of vet excited children. The kids seemed to love is being around as much as we loved playing with them. We tried some freshly cut  sugar cane and watched Laney come into hey own with the kids before returning to the seminary for the evening. 

Matt and George.

Sunrise over Gehandu